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Re: printing A4 pages on A3 paper

From: Nick Payne
Subject: Re: printing A4 pages on A3 paper
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2010 12:54:50 +1100
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On 20/12/10 09:44, Federico Bruni wrote:
Il giorno lun, 20/12/2010 alle 07.43 +1100, Nick Payne ha scritto:
I just want to be sure that my pdf is ok and understand why the shop
failed to print directly to A3.
Adobe Reader has a booklet printing option. I use it frequently to
A4 to A3 and then fold to make an A4 booklet.
Yes, I know.. the problem is: it's quite likely - at least in my little
experience - that people working in print shops don't know how to use
Adobe Reader.

So there are two possible solutions:

* creating a pdfnup-ped 2 on 1, A3 landscape file
* learning how to use Adobe Reader and teach them :)

I'll choose the second.
As my printer can't print A3, I'll practice with A5 pages in A4 booklet.

lilypond -dno-point-and-click -dpaper-size=\"a5\"

Now I'm testing the Page Scaling>  Booklet Printing option, but I can't
say if it's working because duplex is not working now.
I guess it's a driver problem (I'm using hplip on linux).
I'll try to solve it and test it again

On Windows there's a shareware program called BookletCreator that will rearrange the pages in a PDF for you to print as a booklet, and also optionally change the output page size (eg A4 input to A3 bookleted output).

On Linux you can use psbook, psnup, and pstops for booklet printing. If you Google those terms you'll find numerous pages showing the commands and parameters needed.


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