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SVG instrument names misaligned

From: Mike Solomon
Subject: SVG instrument names misaligned
Date: Sat, 25 Dec 2010 23:12:52 +0100

This displays fine as a PDF, but as an SVG the names of the staves appear oddly 
shifted in several browsers.  Any suggestions for how to fix that w/o too much 

Also, is there a way in SVG to use a font whose design is more appropriate for 
the scaled size of lilypond's normal output?  I have a feeling that part of the 
reason this may be off is due to the crimped nature of the font that comes with 
using native SVG fonts.  I would be more than happy if there were an option 
that created a an SVG which turned all of the fonts to which I'm accustomed in 
the postscript version into Bezier paths in the SVG that displayed as beautiful 
lilypond lettering.


\version "2.13.44"
\paper { left-margin=4\cm }

\score {
  \new StaffGroup
  { <<
    \new Staff = "mordant" { \set Staff.instrumentName = \markup { 
\right-column { "en mordant l'anche" "et soufflant" } } a' a' a' a'  }
    \new Staff = "gemissant" { \set Staff.instrumentName = \markup { 
\right-column { "en poussant des petits cris," "la gorge fermée" } } a' a' a' 
a' }
  >> }

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