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Re: A small but vexing problem (fermatas in several voices)

From: Phil Hézaine
Subject: Re: A small but vexing problem (fermatas in several voices)
Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2011 14:35:19 +0100
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Le 31/12/2010 20:33, Michael Ellis a écrit :
> Hi Phil,
> The problem is pretty well solved. I'm just cleaning up a few things
> in my scripts today.
>  I don't have all the answers yet regarding copyrights.  Margaret
> Greentree's site seems to claim copyrights only to the PDF images and
> those are freely shared for non-commercial use.  So I'm not quite sure
> how that might apply to works derived from the MusicXML files.
> My thought was to release my versions with attribution to her and a
> Creative Commons license with similar conditions -- free use for
> non-commercial purposes with attribution and share-alike.
> Initially, I'm going to put the files into a googlecode site so it's
> easy to allow more than one person to edit them.  I'll be happy to add
> your name to the list of "developers" for the site.  Later on, I want
> to put up a free site that can serve PDF, midi, and mp3 files.
> Looking forward to working with you!
> Cheers,
> Mike

Hi Mike,

Formidable work! Really! You have burst the 'starting blocks' of 2011!
More deeper thoughts and decisions to this new thread:

ANN: Solfege Resources -- 404 bach chorales in Lilypond format with
Movable Do solfege.

when my head is clever, a bit later.
Happy New Year for all.

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