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Re: Solfege Resources -- 404 bach chorales in Lilypond format with Movab

From: Phil Hézaine
Subject: Re: Solfege Resources -- 404 bach chorales in Lilypond format with Movable Do solfege.
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2011 23:50:59 +0100
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Le 03/01/2011 19:28, Michael Ellis a écrit :
> Mike, Graham, Henning,
> Thanks again, it's all good discussion.  For the time being, I've altered
> the home page on the solfege-resources site to offer two choices of License,
> namely Free Art license in addition to CC BY-NC-AS.  I've also added a
> couple paragraphs explaining my understanding of U.S. copyright law and
> urging users to accept the CC license with commercial restriction in honor
> of Margaret GreenTree's patient labor while acknowledging that patient labor
> in itself may not create copyrightable work and therefore offering also the
> Free Art option.   I realize that it may all be legally meaningless,  but it
> seems as I close as I can come for the moment to balancing the various legal
> and ethical  considerations.
> I've still not heard from her.  Hopefully she's just on vacation and will
> eventually reply.
> I'm still open to replacing the notation in the Bach Chorales with Phil's
> work and offering those under Free Art license only.  (Phil, if you will
> send me a gmail address (needed by, I will authorize it for
> commit privileges on the site).   But please hold off from making extensive
> changes as I'd like to revise the lilypond files to achieve even greater
> separation between the notation and the output.  

> Cheers,
> Mike

Hi Mike,

You've already burst the 2011's starting blocks and you carries on with
taking a corner at top speed. ;-)
At this rate I can't follow you without finishing in a nest of cuckoos
(or, better, in a cuckoo clock). ;-) ;-)
I like very much your enthusiam, one cannot do great things without it,
but may be you misunderstood my solidarity.
Don't be hurted but I was not planning to edit the site.
My plans with the 371 chorales are "a groß travail" and I don't want add
more that I was fixing for myself.
My plans are as follows:
In a first wave I'll like to release a book in several parts, depending
of the spacing issues, you know, this famous problem which users and
devs are always fighting with and which is not an own Lilypond's issue.
By the way I'm currently wondering whether the duplicate chorales in
Breikopf's edition was a workaround about it. Possibly. Then it is an
well-known problem.
With this release you'll get all the separate files for the chorales
(the duplicates will be pointed out) under a Free Art license (*). Then
you could make anything you want with them and, from my point of view,
it would be a lot easier for students, musicologists... to check and
understand the Margaret's work and to form an opinion if you format my
free work as you did for Margaret Gentree. By the way don't forget she
has edited corrected chorales and also chorales with instrumental parts
which doesn't exist in Breitkopf.

In a second wave I'll like to re-use and reorganize the free sources to
release a book untitled very pompously (but it might change, it's just a
poetic idea):

J.S.Bach Chorales. Studies of anamorphosis.
(In fact, to juxtapose the same themes of chorales).

As you can see there is a "groß travail" to do, but be sure if you have
problems with my files I do everything one possibly can to help you
and facilitate your formatting. It's the meaning of my solidarity.
I hope you are not upset.

(*) I realize I forgot the tagline in my template. I have to add it.
Following a recent discussion on lilypond-fr where Valentin told about
photocopies of sheet music, I think I'll add this in the tagline
(without the capitals):

Copyleft: cette oeuvre est libre, vous pouvez la copier, la PHOTOCOPIER,
la diffuser et la modifier.

Is it possible?

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