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RE: horizontal beams

From: ljc
Subject: RE: horizontal beams
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2011 10:10:56 -0200
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James Lowe <address@hidden> escribió:

So if you know that it does not guarantee horizontal beams then the snippet is wrong and it needs to be corrected, I can only go on what I am told in the documentation or the snippet repository. So there is no point adding another snippet to the documentation when we have one (as far as I can see) that gives you '... horizontal beams, regardless of the notes they connect' already. However if it is wrong, it would be better to correct this than add something new.

i agree, of course! but since the main text of NR has a "selected snippet" showing the use of \override Beam #'damping = #+inf.0 to produce horizontal beams (which is appropriate, IMO), i think it should include all the necessary tweaks to always guarantee horizontal beams. that's what i meant in my previous mail, sorry if i didn't myself clear. and the corresponding snippet at the LSR, naturally.

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