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Re: Bug in ties over barlines

From: Jan Warchoł
Subject: Re: Bug in ties over barlines
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2011 11:04:12 +0100


sorry for the delay - i was busy making new flags for Lily.

2011/1/24 Phil Holmes <address@hidden>
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Jan Warchoł" <address@hidden>
>> I don't agree. *Theoretically* accidental is not needed, but if it
>> would be omitted, how can you tell the difference between aes~ | aes
>> and aes( | a) ?
>> In my opinion accidental here is necessary (surely it may be
>> parenthesized). If it's necessary, it should be printed automatically
>> in my opinion.
>> cheers,
>> Janek
> If you use
> #(set-accidental-style 'modern-cautionary)
> then you get the parenthesised accidental automatically, as requested.

Indeed, thanks for the remainder.
However, in my opinion it is necessary to *change* the 'default',
'voice' and 'forget' accidental styles, because their current
behaviour result in wrongly typeset music. If the last note in the
following example doesn't get a natural, it's *impossible* to tell
that it's not another ces:

ces'1~ | ces'
ces'1( | c')

It may be argued that the slur looks different than the tie, but it's
not enough.
I'm sure that engraving books will agree with me - may someone check this?


PS By the way, i think that modern-cautionary accidental style prints
a cautionary accidental there not because of a potential confusion
with a tie, but simply because it prints remainder accidentals in the
following measure.

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