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Transform score file before rendering

From: Henrik Frisk
Subject: Transform score file before rendering
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2011 22:07:52 +0100


For a microtonal piece I'm working on, using a 43-tone scale, I would
like to enter the music diatonically, so to  speak, and tranform it to
microtonal notation at a later stage. In other words, if I enter c I
get the first note of the 43-tone scale, cis the second note, and if I
enter c' I get the 13th note, and so forth. This may seem like an odd
way of doing things, but I want to be able to quckly write down what I
play using the microtonal scale, which I have layed out in this manner
on a keyboard.

The notation I will use ultimately is the pitch with its deviation in
cents (possibly also indicating the fraction) like this:

g'^\markup { \column { \center-align { {"(+2)"} {"3/2"} } } }

Do anyone have a suggestion of a good way to do this? Would it be
possible to do the mapping using a custom scheme function (sorry if
this is a stupid question but it's been a while since I tried out
Lilyponds scheme interface)? Or would I be better off doing the
transform using perl or some other 'external' scripting language

Thanks also to all the developers and contributers for a great piece
of software!



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