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Feature? Bug? (part 2)

From: Mike Solomon
Subject: Feature? Bug? (part 2)
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2011 10:21:22 -0500

Well, no, I lied, just plain bug.  I can't imagine this being a feature.  But, 
before I start working on it, does anyone have a clean work-around to get the 
bendAfter spanning the line break correctly?


PNG image

\score {
\new Staff << { s1*3 \break } \relative c' {
s1*2 \times 44/72 {\crescTextCresc
\bendAfter #-3 ges4^\< s16 s s s s s s s
\bendAfter #-2 a4 s16 s s s s s s
\bendAfter #-1 b4 s16 s s s s s
c4 s16 s s s s
\bendAfter #1 d4 s16 s s s
\bendAfter #2 e4 s16 s s
\bendAfter #4 f4 s16 s
\bendAfter #8 g4 s16
\bendAfter #16 a4\ff
}} >>
\layout {
 \context {
   \remove "Forbid_line_break_engraver"
   \override Beam #'breakable = ##t

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