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Re: Use custom font's flat (b) and sharp (#) symbols for chords

From: Marc Hohl
Subject: Re: Use custom font's flat (b) and sharp (#) symbols for chords
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 10:43:36 +0100
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Am 16.02.2011 10:29, schrieb Matthias Hüsken:
Hi again,

thx so far. Sorry for my English, I think I did not make myself clear enough,
so I'll try to elaborate a little more.

What I have:

- I am setting notes and chords.
- I changed the font for the chords to a custom one (real book style).
- Notes (and related accidentals like flat and sharp) are set as usual.
- Chord names (and options like 7, sus4 etc.) are set in the custom font.
- Chord accidentals (like the "b" in A flat (Ab) or the "#" in F sharp (F#)
   are set with the symbols from Lilypond's font (i.e. and
   accidentals.flat from the Feta font).
- Accidentals in chord options (like the "b" in 7/b9) are set using Feta.

What I'd like to have:

- The output of notes and related accidentals should remain as is.
- Chord accidentals (i.e. for chord names like "Ab" as well as for chord.
   options like "7/#9") should be set using the "b" and "#" from the custom

Possible options and problems:

1. I could make Lilypond use the custom font's symbols for flat and sharp by
    default like suggested (i.e. fiddling with the font directory).
    Disadvantage: Accidentals for regular notes would also be set with "b"
    and "#" from the custom font.
2. I could make Lilypond set chord options (7/b5 etc.) using the custom "b"
    and "#" by adding exceptions for all needed chords to
    sequential-music-to-chord-exceptions. Problem: All accidentals in chords
    (e.g. in Ab or F#) would still use the symbols from Feta.

While option 1. is not viable (I do not want to lose Lilypond's accidentals
for regular notes), option 2. partly solves the problem (for chord options),
but then I would have two different types of accidentals when setting chords.

So, what I would ideally like to have is a way of making Lilypond use "b"
and "#" from a custom font, but exclusively in chord mode. I did quite some
searching but did not come up with anything useful, so I already feared it
might not be easy (or doable at all...).
I think you can achieve what you want by writing a scheme function
similar to those defined in scm/chord-names.scm.

See for example the definition of note-name->german-markup.
There you find that accidentals are replaced by -es -eses -is or -isis,
respectively. So you could copy most of this definition and place
your custom glyphs in there.



Any ideas?



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