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Re: Feta Fonts

From: Tim Sheasby
Subject: Re: Feta Fonts
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 21:40:05 +0200

Feel stupid. Once I opened the mf Feta files found that the correct glyphs do exist. Just had to change the default notehead for the Mi to the alternative already there. Now my songs look like I want them to.

On 25 Feb 2011, at 6:15 PM, James Lowe wrote:


)-----Original Message-----
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)Behalf Of Francisco Vila
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)To: Tim Sheasby
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)Subject: Re: Feta Fonts
)2011/2/24 Tim Sheasby <address@hidden>:
)> Notice that shaped note format for Feta is not the same as the
)traditional shapes used in my 1950s hymn book. Would like to modify
)these specific glyphs. Metafont is not a problem for me to use but where
)do I go to find the sources for the Feta fonts?
)In the mf/ directory of the lilypond source code, if I'm not wrong.



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