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Tonic Sol-Fa

From: Tim Sheasby
Subject: Tonic Sol-Fa
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2011 17:10:58 +0200

I know that LilyPond does not currently support Tonic Sol-Fa notation. However, 
in my work on African Hymn I found that many Africans are familiar with this 
form of notation. Most of my source material was originally set using this 
format. I devised a spreadsheet with formulas to convert bars of tonic sol-fa 
into lilypond notation. Actually it just converts the d, m, r, f etc to the 
appropriate a, b, c etc based on the key of the song. I added shortcuts for 
adding rests and skips as well - simply using SS instead of s and RR instead of 
r. Once I have entered the notes simply copy the converted columns into 
LilyPond and voila! 
Tim Sheasby

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