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Re: Suppress NoteNames output on ties ?

From: Gilles THIBAULT
Subject: Re: Suppress NoteNames output on ties ?
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2011 14:42:28 +0100

Could/did you add this to the LSR?
Why not, but not before 1 or 2 days, I have to finish a score before tomorow. (Working on this snippet was already not very reasonable ...). I have however change a bit the snippet. It is now cleaner because it deletes all tie events.

tiedNoteToSkip = #(define-music-function (parser location music) (ly:music?)
(let ((prev-was-tie? #f))
 (define (tied-note->skip evt)
    (let ((elt (ly:music-property evt 'element))
          (elts (ly:music-property evt 'elements))
          (name (ly:music-property evt 'name)))
     (cond ((and prev-was-tie? (eq? name 'EventChord))
               (set! prev-was-tie? #f)
               (skip-of-length  evt))
           ((eq? name 'TieEvent)
               (set! prev-was-tie? #t)
               #f) ;; all tie events will be deleted
               (if (ly:music? elt) (ly:music-set-property! evt 'element
                                       (tied-note->skip elt)))
               (if (pair? elts) (ly:music-set-property! evt 'elements
                                       (filter-map tied-note->skip elts)))
(tied-note->skip music)))

mymusic = { c'4 c' ~ c'2 }
\score {
\new Voice \mymusic
\context NoteNames \displayMusic \tiedNoteToSkip \mymusic


It should be the default behaviour IMHO (or at least a possible tunable

Well, i never use the NoteNames context, so i have no ideas how it should behaves.

Gilles, going back at work ...

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