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Re: status of mutopia project

From: Bernardo Barros
Subject: Re: status of mutopia project
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2011 12:29:21 -0300

2011/4/9 Hajo Dezelski <address@hidden>:
> - The depositary should be locate on one site.
> - Contributors should be responsible for their files
> - Contributers should identify themselves by real names
> - Contributers should be able with the help of software to produce from
> their ly-file a uniform
>   presentation of the music (comparable to Mutopia)
> - Contributors should be able to make their own corrections to their
> submitted file.
> - Mutopia files should be converted and write protected
> - Software: Could be a Wiki (with login) or Google code / project
> (like solfege resources or . Frescobaldi) or ... (but please not "git")

I think all these points are all good. The idea of a maintainer for
each score is very nice, so the work is distributed and each has its
own responsibility.

If its possible to download all the material (it is?) would be very
simple to set up a mercurial repository at google code or bitbucket,
if you do not like git.

Actually bitbucket has unlimited size, so we can even add the pdf files there.


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