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Re: Using the "" script AND getting nice-looking engraved o

From: Tom Cloyd
Subject: Re: Using the "" script AND getting nice-looking engraved output - how to
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 13:04:31 -0600
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On 04/15/2011 04:22 AM, James Lowe wrote:

Unfortunately (or not depending on if you think it's because our Doc is so good 
already) we don't get that many 'formal' requests for documentation changes ..
How sad. Could not we just start over, so we could have a proper documentation development discussion list, raging arguments about punctuation, et al.? Just think of the time that being needlessly saved by the fact that this documentation (and its support through this list) is in such fine shape. A pity...

Well, that was obviously not to be taken seriously (except the last part!).

A couple of days ago I pointed the members of the Kubuntu Linux current release discussion list to this software (Lilypond), this list, and the associated documentation, as flat out the best experience I've ever had with software designed for intensive use by non-programmers. My praise was glowing, because that's been my experience.

Personally, when a new release of ly comes out, it's the documentation that I'm always most excited to see. Reading it - no, exploring it - is such a delight and so stimulating, that I've been known skip meals (and sleep!) just to stay on track with some subject I'm learning more about in the new docs.

The utter magic of seeing my pencil scores spring to live as beautiful engraved scores simply never grows old. I'm very pleased to have apparently been able today to make a very small contribution to the documentation, as that now means I'm no longer just a taker. I hope to contribute more in the future. It's an honor to have any association at all with this project.




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