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Re: Openoffice import?

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Openoffice import?
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2011 18:53:37 +0200
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address@hidden (Karl Hammar) writes:

> David:
> ...
>> But I can't find a way to get into _scalable_ images in OpenOffice from
>> there.  Anybody with a good idea?
> \include ""
> in your ly file, run with lilypond --ps, you get files like:
>  Ibach_lindstroem-1.eps
>  Ibach_lindstroem-2.eps
>  Ibach_lindstroem-3.eps
>  Ibach_lindstroem-4.eps
>  Ibach_lindstroem-systems.count
>  Ibach_lindstroem-systems.tex
>  Ibach_lindstroem-systems.texi
>  Ibach_lindstroem.eps
> Insert -> Picture -> from File the xx-<number>.eps files or the xx.eps
> file, file->save, I get an .odt file containing the eps.

Ok, got Internet here.

Just tried it.  Scaling the resulting graphic makes very clear that the
import into odt did not happen as a scalable image, but merely as a
bitmap.  Anything else would have surprised me with EPS.  Import via PDF
(which is readable without requiring a PostScript interpreter) or SVG
does not suffer this problem, but is broken by default.

So no, taking EPS graphics is not an option for moving the kaboodle into
a DTP system via OpenOffice.  It is no longer vector graphics after
that.  Perhaps some form of WMF/EMF/whatever could work, but converters
for those are sparse under Linux.

David Kastrup

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