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Re: fretted-string-harmonics-in-tablature snippet

From: Janek Warchoł
Subject: Re: fretted-string-harmonics-in-tablature snippet
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 20:10:46 +0200


wish i had not missed this thread and found it earlier...
I found a diff in one of your previous e-mails, but it's kind of
weird, so i'll simply write how things should look.

2011/5/24 Federico Bruni <address@hidden>:
> In the second bar of the snippet 
> []
> there is an harmonic played on 5th fret
> of 4th string (a d in standard tuning), so the note must be a d two
> octave higher than the d of open string.
> Currently it's a g.

Yes, it should be d''.

> Look at line 2 of the table: harmonics produced on the middle of the
> vibrational length are one octave higher.
> When you play an artificial harmonic, you "shorten" the string so that
> the middle of the vibrational length will shift up on the right.
> In bar 1 of the snippet: left hand is positioned on 4th fret of 3rd
> string (b note); right hand pluck the 16th fret, which is the new middle
> position.
> The rule above applies: one octave higher, because we are in the middle
> of the main node.
> In the snippet all artificial harmonics of this kind are raised up by
> two octaves.

They are wrong. They should be raised one octave.

> I've just realized that the second tapped harmonic may be wrong:
> shouldn't it be played on 7th fret?

Yes, it should. Also the third tapped harmonic should be played on 5th fret.

> The difference between artificial harmonics and tapped harmonics is just
> a matter of gesture? Pluck in AH, percussive in TH?


> I put lilypond-user in CC, I hope someone will confirm.

I do.
Concerning the last harmonic: it should be e'' (i.e. note on third
ledger line - remember that guitar is written in \clef "G_8")

Thanks for catching this issue!

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