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Re: question on a bach's canon: mordent & repeat

From: Brett Duncan
Subject: Re: question on a bach's canon: mordent & repeat
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 19:40:32 +1000
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On 15/06/11 6:28 PM, Rutger Hofman wrote:
On 06/15/2011 04:41 AM, Marc Mouries wrote:
I don't mean the sign on the last bar of each staff but the sign in the
final bar of the music, right after "g8 a8 b4" that looks like a mordant.

I'd say it is just a rest (r4). The last note has something that looks like an erased error on the lowest staff line.


2011/6/14, Marc Mouries <address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>>:
> Let me know if this is off-topic but i thought someone on the
    list might
> know the answers.
> I am transcribing a Canon from Bach and would like your input.
> *1) The sign of the last measure.*
> The manuscript here: and
> the score on IMSLP show at the end what looks like a mordent but
    is not
> attached to a note. Would you have any idea about what it means?

If it *is* meant to be an ornament (and I think it probably is), a reasonable interpretation is that it should be played when you repeat the canon, leading back onto the first note.

my $0.02


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