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Re: hairpin problem?

From: Jay Hamilton
Subject: Re: hairpin problem?
Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2011 07:25:48 -0700

Ok I've missed that explanation before so thank you.  I don't really care about the midi so your suggestion is possible (a pain but doable).  Anyone know of a single line override?

On Sun, Jul 3, 2011 at 4:17 AM, Bill Mooney <address@hidden> wrote:
You wrote...
I am forcing accidentals in a modal piece.  Time signature is 21/8 so the measures are long.
I wanted to do a multi-measure hairpin (decrescendo) but the hairpin stopped at the end of the first measure at the forced accidental (!).
1] is there a way around this?
2] is this a bug or really the way it's supposed to work or
3] is the reason it stopped there different from my assumption.
...from the NM p106
" A crescendo mark is started with \< and terminated with \!, an absolute dynamic, or an additional crescendo or decrescendo mark. A decrescendo mark is started with \> and is also terminated with \!, an absolute dynamic, or another crescendo or decrescendo mark. \cr and \decr may be used instead of \< and \>. Hairpins are engraved by default using this notation.
c2\< c\!
d2\< d\f
e2\< e\>
f2\> f\!
e2\> e\mp
d2\> d\>
I guess you might have to place the mp, pp, etc as markups - (but these might not then be seen by midi...?) - if you want the hairpin to extend across the complete snippet ... from \> to \!

Hope this helps

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