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Re: Horizontal scaling of scores

From: Bill Mooney
Subject: Re: Horizontal scaling of scores
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2011 10:50:02 +1200
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You wrote...
Dear Lilyponders,
I'm working on a score and having trouble with the following (probably
not very difficult) issue, which I cannot solve despite having RTFM:
The problem is the height of the full score which contains all
instruments, and which I'd like to print in landscape mode. What I'm
looking for is a layout which basically follows along those lines:
1) How much vertical space is there? (E.g. 15cm.)
2) How much does the score in full (and nicely spaced) size have to be
scaled, s.t. it vertically fits on the page? (E.g. 57%)
3) Now produce the layout for a page, that is stretched by 1/.57
horizontally, then scale the whole thing with 57% and put that on the page.
What's happening right now is that, if space becomes too small, the
space between the staffs is reduced while the notes themselves stay in
their size, s.t. the staffs are just being "pushed into each other".
I'm sure there is a simple answer to that, but what is it? I've provided
an (almost) minimal example below.
Thanks in advance,
I'd cheat! :)

#(set-paper-size "a3" 'landscape)

Print the pdf on A4-landscape with 'reduce to page margins' On. Or print on A3 then run the output through a photocopier set to reduce to A4. Probably not the most elegant LP solution...! but it would keep all the musical elements in proportion.


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