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Re: footer issue

From: christophe 1710
Subject: Re: footer issue
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2011 08:54:27 +0200
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Wonderfull, it's working exactly like i wanted

thanks a lot


Le 16/07/2011 22:41, Matthew Collett a écrit :
On 17/07/2011, at 7:25 am, christophe 1710 wrote:

this need is ot have  [CGY0026]  on all pages instead the last one where i'd 
like to have

tagline = \markup
  \override #'(box-padding . 1.0)
  \override #'(baseline-skip . 2.7)
  \box \center-align
    \small \line {
                    Cette partition est éditée par CGY  \musicglyph 
#"clefs.G_change" Prod.
                    \hspace #1.5 Copyright © 2011.
You can use the 'not-last-page' that I've just been asking about in a different 
thread.  Define your tagline as above in the header, and also:

\paper {
  #(define (not-last-page layout props arg)
    (if (not (book-last-page? layout props))
        (interpret-markup layout props arg)
  oddFooterMarkup = \markup {
     \fill-line {
       \on-the-fly #not-last-page "[CGY0026]"
     \fill-line {
       \on-the-fly #last-page \fromproperty #'header:tagline

Better still, for reusability replace the explicit "[CGY0026]" by
\fromproperty #'header:runningFooter

(or whatever name you would like to give the property) and then in your header 
block say
runningFooter = "[CGY0026]"

Best wishes,

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