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Re: Alignment bug?

From: Hilary Snaden
Subject: Re: Alignment bug?
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 18:09:15 +0100
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Phil Holmes wrote:
It looks like LilyPond hasn't realised that the semi-breves don't have stems, so it is shifting them to avoid the stems (which aren't there) from clashing. This sounds like a bug to me. I've done some experimenting and have shown that you can align 4 semi-breves in different voices by forcing a hshift of zero, or with \shiftOn \shiftOff. Is either of these any use to you?

\new Staff {
 \new Voice {
   \voiceTwo c'1 c'1 c'2
 \new Voice {
   \once \override NoteColumn #'force-hshift = #0.0
   g'1 g'2
 \new Voice {
   c''1 c''2
 \new Voice {
   \voiceOne g''1 g''1 g''2


I've had another play with the example I posted earlier. It's possible to force the semibreves to align properly using \shiftOff, but then the minims (in another voice) move to collide with the semibreves and won't budge. IOW, it's possible to align some of the semibreves and shift the minims, or align all of the semibreves while the minims collide, but not align all of the semibreves and the minims. I haven't tried any other note lengths.

I may now try rewriting it to use two only explicit voices with polyphonic sections within them as necessary.

Hilary Snaden

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