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Re: Last staff -coda staff- position

From: Pato Press
Subject: Re: Last staff -coda staff- position
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 15:45:04 -0300

Definetedly a much nicer solution!
Thanks James!


2011/7/26 James Lowe <address@hidden>

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)Subject: Last staff -coda staff- position
)Hi Lily's.
)I'm trying to clearly put apart a single coda staff from the rest of the part.
)Pretty sure a common thing.
)The thing is I'm lost :)

I just create a new \score for my coda. That way I can use the relevant staff-spacing variable to bring the coda away from the main music.

\score {
 \layout { etc }

\score {
 \layout { etc.}

of course that is a very simplistic style above, but I simply treat my 'coda' staff as a 'new' staff rather than use \break.


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