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Re: \RemoveEmptyStaffContext (?)

From: PMA
Subject: Re: \RemoveEmptyStaffContext (?)
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2011 19:54:23 -0400
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harm6 wrote:

Graham Percival-3 wrote:

umm, did you try reading the lines immediately above it?

%% Keep the old definitions in here for compatibility (they erase
%% settings to the corresponding context!).
%% For new scores, one should simply insert the \RemoveEmptyStaves
%% into the desired context. That's just as easy, requires only
%one line more
%% (the \*Staff), but preserves previous context mods.
%% TODO: DEPRECATED_2.13.17, remove at some point in the future
RemoveEmptyStaffContext = \context {

- Graham

Sorry! Reading comprehension on my part would have been helpful!

I've tried again with Xavier's "RemoveEmptyStaves" code,
and that in turn again with James's "Grand" substitutions.
No difference so-far at all.  I reckon my best next step is
to download 2.14.2.

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