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Re: lyx usage [WAS: Re: lilypond-book download]

From: Julien Rioux
Subject: Re: lyx usage [WAS: Re: lilypond-book download]
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 10:39:32 +0200
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On 31/08/2011 3:00 AM, Pablo Zumarán wrote:

Thank you very much for the tip! Now I can see the music on LyX and view the
pdf file. This is exactly the sort of program I was looking for, and now I
can get down to work on my book. Who must I thank?

Federico Bruni-5 wrote:

Il 30/08/2011 23:42, Pablo Zumarán ha scritto:
Thank you very much for that tip. Following your advice, I've installed
in my Ubuntu. In the included documentation, I've found only one
to Lilypond (to use Insert>File>External Material>Lilypond file). When I
this (ie, insert a .ly file) all I get is a field saying "Lilypond
music". Then, when I do Insert>Custom Insets>Lilypond, I get an inset
I can type in lilypond code. BUT I haven't been able to see the actual
music, nor to export the LyX file as a pdf. If it's not asking too much,
do you do that?

Click on the first icon in the icon bar (the two eyes) or type "Ctrl + R".
You should see the PDF file in your external pdf viewer.

Otherwise you can see the output inside Lyx, if you enable the instant


PS (just a memo for me)
The custom insets for Lilypond must be enabled in
Document>Settings>Modules (add lilypond book).
The instant preview doesn't show the image generated by the code in the
inset, you can see it only in the external pdf.

lilypond-user mailing list

Glad you like it. Enjoy!

There's a example file lilypond.lyx included in the LyX installation. Please have a look there for a description of usage, and perhaps some inspiration. Also, see the LyX tutorial from the help menu for a general introduction to LyX philosophy and usage.

By the way, to any users of LyX together with lilypond-book, please provide your feedback on how to improve the support. I do not use the module myself, but would work together with you if you bring good, valid improvement ideas. Drop an email to the LyX user list, address@hidden

Best regards,

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