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Parsing lyrics in a music function

From: Michael Ellis
Subject: Parsing lyrics in a music function
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2011 14:07:37 -0400

I've written some music functions I use frequently to operate on lyrics.  For example, there's one call "lacc" that allows me to intermix lyrics and notation by accumulating the lyrics into a list I can instantiate later in the \score block.   Very nice and convenient, but the usage is a little messy:

\lacc \lyricmode { This is a ly -- ric line. }
c4 d e f | g a

\lacc \lyricmode { Here is the next. }
b c  | d c2. |

Normally, I deal with the messiness by defining a keystroke macro in my editor that wraps a line of bare text in the necessary commands and braces.  I now find myself   (skipping a long story)  needing to work in an environment where keystroke macros will not be available.  

Is it possible to define a music function that will do the work of my keystroke macro?  Ideally I'd like to be able to  write in an input file something like

\lyr This is a lyric line

and have LilyPond do the rest,  but none of my attempts thus far have worked.


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