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Help with breaks?

From: dogwoodnc
Subject: Help with breaks?
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 05:19:09 -0700 (PDT)

As a non-programmer Lilypond novice, I'm confused about specifying breaks
(and nonBreaks) for systems.  I've tried several potential solutions
suggested by other posts on this forum, but cannot get any of them to work. 
I'm using Lilypond 2.12.3 for Windows....

Here's the scenario.  The first two staffs look fine -- 3 measures each. 
However, the next staff is coming up with only 2 measures, and the final
staff on the page only has 1 measure.  I'd like to combine those two final
staffs -- so there are only 3 total staffs on the page.  (And that's the end
of the song; there are no additional pages.)

In the third staff, the second measure is a "first ending", with a repeat
mark at the end; the next staff is a one measure "second ending".  There are
few words -- and few notes -- so there should be plenty of room to combine
the staffs.

I've tried inserting \noBreak, and system-count, and systems-per-page, as
well as other commands that I don't recall at the moment, as I've found
ideas already posted (separately and in many combinations), but nothing so
far has let the fourth staff combine with the third.

Any suggestions are appreciated!  (PS: I'm NOT a programmer, so please
provide novice-level advice if possible.....)
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