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Re: Alternative note inserting for guitar tabs

From: davehtx
Subject: Re: Alternative note inserting for guitar tabs
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 19:08:45 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Lilyjoe. As far as I know, to make a tab in Lilypond you have to input
note names. You should try TuxGuitar. It allows you to make tabs by
specifying string- and fret-numbers (you don't need to know he notes).
TuxGuitar can also export a Lilypond file. So: 1) download TuxGuitar, 2)
type in your strings  / fret numbers to make the tab 3) export it from
TuxGuitar to Lilypond format 4) process the resulting .ly file with Lilypond
and get a beautifully typeset tab... Download TuxGuitar here. 

Hope this helps!

lilyjoe wrote:
> I've to write a very basic guitar tab, no need to add tempo and other
> infos, just number of frets and the way to play notes (hammer on, pull
> off, bendings, slides and so on).
> I like lilypond outputs, but I don't know music. It's hard for me to write
> a tab by insert notes as a b c... I'd like to write by insert notes in the
> form fret/string, I find it very usefull.

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