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Re: Making feathered beams more variable

From: harm6
Subject: Re: Making feathered beams more variable
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2011 12:40:53 -0700 (PDT)

Hi David

David Nalesnik-2 wrote:
> 2011/11/1 David Nalesnik <address@hidden>
>     (...)
>     If you set 'stem-end-position in the course of an override of
> 'stencil, it works in both cases:
>     (...)
I tried to make an automated definition (first attachment) and to integrate
it in the grow-beam-var-definition (second attachment). This feature will
only work with kneed beams and if the directions of the first and last stem
are different.
But I noticed a strange behaviour: I retrieve wrong output if the
global-staff-size is changed, or with other changes. Can you confirm this?
Perhaps it is similiar to my problem with your
Or am I missing something or doing something wrong or ...?

>     I've worked some more on the function which allows you to specify
> accel./rit. and vice versa, and I've attached a revision which I think is
> a lot clearer.  (Basically, it creates a series of multipliers first and
> then feeds the list into music-map.)  I've tried to make it consistent
> with the input to your function. 
Looks great and works fine!

>     The number input to the function is the stem number of the peak, with
> the first stem-number of the group being 0.   My understanding is that the
> peak is the shortest note in an accelerando, and the longest in a ritard.
> I've marked these points in the example.  Does this agree with your
> understanding?
Completely !

>     I notice that you allow for negative numbers in the input to
> grow-beam-var; the sign is simply reversed.  I wonder: shouldn't you just
> reject them from the outset, maybe with a warning?  (I mean, the concept
> of stem number -2 doesn't make a whole lot of sense :)  )
That's true, but I thought about integrating some features in grow-beam-var,
only to be activated with negative numbers. P.e. the possibility of turning
the peak in special cases. (But I'm not convinced of it. I think I'll
eliminate it.)

>         >Again, thanks a lot for all the work you've invested in my
> problems.
>     You're welcome!  I'm learning a lot by working on them!

So do I.

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