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Re: Extending Lilypond's chord vocabulary PLUS Help on command definitio

From: Robert Schmaus
Subject: Re: Extending Lilypond's chord vocabulary PLUS Help on command definition
Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2011 19:02:31 +0100
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Am 11/9/11 4:49 PM, schrieb Tim McNamara:

On Nov 9, 2011, at 8:45 AM, Robert Schmaus wrote:

Hi Jim&  everyone,

I'm currently preparing a macro file "jazz-chords.ily" which contains (my 
version of) common jazz chord notation. I will share that file as soon as it is in a 
usable state.

However, right now, I just worked out how to define the markups of each chord 
by defining the markup explicitly. I would like to do that more elegantly by 
defining markup commands.
If, e.g., I would like to create a command \jcRaise such that the expression

\markup{ \raise #1.5 {\tiny "Maj9"} }

would just become
\jcRaise{ "Maj9" }

or possibly
\markup\jcRaise{ "Maj9" }

how do I define the markup command for this? I checked the manual here

and tried to build such a function accordingly, but didn't really get anywhere. 
I guess I would need to start somewhere more basic.

Would the #(define-music-function work for this?

I am assuming that you have seen the file already and don't want 
to use that approach.

Hi Tim,

actually, I'm using the same approach as pop-chords. I've just modified/added loads of chord alterations and formatted them s.t. they look more like the usual jazz chords.

However, right now, I defined the markup command for each individual chord explicitly - with the effect, that I would also need to change each chord definition explicitly if I would, say, like to change the size in which the of the tensions are printed. Therefore I was trying to switch to a music-function approach. But I don't yet know how to do it.

In the documentation, there is a description of how functions are defined, but I don't understand a lot of what's written there.
E.g. in
halfway down, it reads

(cons (list '(font-shape . caps) ) props)
The variable props is a list of alists, and we prepend to it by cons’ing a list with the extra setting.

now it seems to me that I should know what what "cons'ing" *is* - but I don't, and I haven't found it explained anywhere in section 6 so far. hence my remark that I probably need to start way more back at the basics before I can define musical functions ...

I've seen that Carl and David sent me a suggestion of how the function should work - so hopefully I will soon enough see where I went wrong (my trials looked similar, but didn't work ...)

Thanks for all your responses - I'll let you know how it works (preferably by producing the jazz-chords file ...)


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