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Re: programming error: moment not increasing

From: Xavier Scheuer
Subject: Re: programming error: moment not increasing
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 23:02:26 +0100

On 18 November 2011 21:05, Sebastian Canagaratna <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi:
>   I have seen some comments about this in Google, but they do not solve my
> problem.
> I was trying to see whether I could code SATB hymns which sometime have only
> one voice, say tenor
> with accompaniment, then SATB, then only bass and accompanimebt, etc.

Is there a reason why you do not use a ‘Frenched Score’?
Your PDF file is really not pleasant; a frenched score seems more
"natural" (logical) and would also give a better (and more correct) PDF
output, as well as what you want: a single (and correct) MIDI file,
without programming error.

  \layout {
    \context {
      \override VerticalAxisGroup #'remove-first = ##t

as explained in NR 1.6.2 Modifying single staves > Hiding staves

Of course in that case you would need to add a multimeasure rest of the
duration corresponding to the duration of the tenor solo part at the
beginning of every voice.  You can use

  $(mmrest-of-length tenorIMusic)

explained in NR 1.2.6 Special rhythmic concerns > Aligning to cadenzas

>   I can write these part in different scores, but the midi comes in
> different files. I give below an simple example
> of my attemps to do this in one score; all attempts come up with the above
> error, and the SATB part is not written
> at all.

But if it is just a matter of MIDI in one file, I'd suggest you to use
a software permitting to edit and merge different MIDI files into one
single MIDI file.  LilyPond's priority is PDF, not MIDI file generation
and customization.

I'm not a MIDI specialist but such software should exist (maybe as
free software).  Use a search engine or other users could help.


Xavier Scheuer <address@hidden>

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