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Re: cannot load the popplerqt4 module : frescobaldi 2.0.0

From: Wilbert Berendsen
Subject: Re: cannot load the popplerqt4 module : frescobaldi 2.0.0
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2011 21:32:02 +0100

Op Tue, 27 Dec 2011 05:02:15 -0800 (PST)
MING TSANG <address@hidden> schreef:

> Hi lily users:
> I installed frescobaldi 2.0.0 on my fedora and when I try to open .ly
> file, i got the following error.
>  " cannot load the popplerqt4 module "
1.9.3 uses the same popplerqt4 module as 2.0.0, so maybe something else
has been changed during an upgrade?

Bu sure to install python-poppler-qt4 for the same Python version as
Frescobaldi is using.

> I cannot use frescobaldi 1.9.3 anymore.
> Questions:
> 1.  how can I resolve the popplerqt4 issue?
> 2.  how can I un-install frescobalsi 2.0.0 and revert to frescobalsi
> 1.9.3?

Best option probably is just install 1.9.3 again (but that has its
chare of bugs:-)

Uninstall is not directly provided by distutils, unfortunately, but
uninstalling Frescobaldi 2.x is very simple:

rm $PREFIX/bin/frescobaldi
rm $PREFIX/lib/python2.[67]/dist-packages/frescobaldi_app -r

where $PREFIX=/usr/local by default.

In fact, you can put the frescobaldi-2.0.0 directory anywhere and make
a symlink from a folder somewhere in your $PATH to the frescobaldi
script. All application scripts and data Frescobaldi uses is inside the
frescobaldi_app package.

Wilbert Berendsen

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