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Re: \midi syntax question

From: Albert Frantz
Subject: Re: \midi syntax question
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 14:22:45 +0100


Thanks very much for your reply.  I just updated the score as follows:

\version "2.15.23"
\header { tagline = ##f }
mus = { <e g c'>1 }
\score {
\new Staff \with { \remove Time_signature_engraver } \clef bass \transpose c' a 
\mus \midi { } }

Now it returns the following error:

error: syntax error, unexpected MUSIC_FUNCTION
\new Staff \with { \remove Time_signature_engraver } \clef bass 
                                                                \transpose c' a 
\mus \midi { } }

I'm guessing the \transpose function may have triggered an error? It works fine 
if I omit "\midi { }" from the file.

Any ideas?

Best regards,


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