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From: PMA
Subject: Re: ISMLP/WIMA (?)
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2012 15:02:16 -0500
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David Raleigh Arnold wrote:
On Sun, 2012-01-15 at 20:26 -0500, PMA wrote:
Hi List.

I'm considering posting my scores on WIMA (now via ISMLP),
and would much appreciate comment from any of you who
have had experience in going that route.

Make sure your midi, if any, has a copyright notice. Lilypond does
not put one in the midi file (for shame), so you have to enter one
directly or reedit converting to midge or some such.

Do not license or grant any rights at all. Why would
you want to do that?

Regards, daveA

Your last sentence here hits on *the* issue in my original post.
Why indeed would I...?   But it seems that, to post on ISMLP/
WIMA, one *must* commit to public-domain-like status.

I would like, of course, to find a (major, well run) public archive
without such constraints.

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