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From: PMA
Subject: Re: ISMLP/WIMA (?)
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 14:52:33 -0500
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PMA wrote:
Yes, I've sniffed & posted in IMSLP's site now -- enough to see
that my "public-domain-like status" fears were misconceived,
and to appreciate the gist of licenses being offered. I tend to
expect that their 6th listed,

Attribution + Non-commercial + No Derivatives

would do me just fine (provided I can overcome the guilt from
refusing to offer my works up as programmers' fodder :) ).

That last was pretty snotty!  So, appreciating the help that
several of you have extended, I feel obliged to add --

*If* I thought that my __newbie!__ .ly code were worthy of
being shown to others (as I apparently think its results are),
then I might reconsider *whether* to show it.  But there's
just no way I could think this.

Best regards,

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