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Re: Hiding the RH piano staff

From: JanTerje
Subject: Re: Hiding the RH piano staff
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 05:21:17 -0800 (PST)

Shevek wrote:
> According to
>, the only
> difference between a GrandStaff and a PianoStaff is that in a PianoStaff
> the staves are only hidden together. So what you want is to use a
> GrandStaff.

Thank you so much for this tip, and your code. I incorporated this
successfully to my score. 

Xavier Scheuer wrote:
> Or keep the PianoStaff and add
>  \layout {
>    \context {
>      \PianoStaff
>      \remove "Keep_alive_together_engraver"
>    }
>  }

Also thank you Xavier for your tip. This looked very easy to incorporate,
but I only received error messages regarding the
"Keep_alive_together_engraver". I did try to set the \PianoStaff \remove...
elsewhere too, without luck.

Thanks for answering my newbie question! :)

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