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Re: repeat

From: Xavier Scheuer
Subject: Re: repeat
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 22:41:48 +0100

On 25 January 2012 22:32, James <address@hidden> wrote:
> after the \partial measure notes use \bar "|:"
> \partial 4
> c4
> \bar "|:"
> c d e f
> Is this what you want?

Hi James,

The manual (in the section you mentioned) explicitly discourage to use
 \bar "|:"  commands for repeats.

  Although the bar line types signifying repeats may be inserted
  manually they do not in themselves cause LilyPond to recognize a
  repeated section. Such repeated sections are better entered using
  the various repeat commands (see Repeats), which automatically print
  the appropriate bar lines.

Maybe the warning is not highlighted enough but it is there.


Xavier Scheuer <address@hidden>

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