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Re: Header LSR 0.34821

From: Jan-Peter Voigt
Subject: Re: Header LSR 0.34821
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 08:23:49 +0100
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Dear Ming Tsang,

in recent 2.15 Version, the scheme function ly:export has been removed in favour of a syntax change. (The LSR still relies on v2.12?)
So to have this example running in 2.15.26, you have to change:
#(ly:export (lilypond-version))

Cheers, Jan-Peter

Am 26.01.2012 04:03, schrieb MING TSANG:
I try to use the LSR 0.34821 in LPv2.15.26 and I got the following error: 
> %lilypond %args "C:\Users\Tsang\Dropbox\Lyndon\LiLy\TEST\"
Processing `C:/Users/Tsang/Dropbox/Lyndon/LiLy/TEST/'
C:/Users/Tsang/Dropbox/Lyndon/LiLy/TEST/ error: GUILE signaled an error for the _expression_ beginning here
       (ly:export (lilypond-version))
C:/Users/Tsang/Dropbox/Lyndon/LiLy/TEST/ error: not a markup
      #(ly:export (lilypond-version))


Translating the default LilyPond tagline [0.34821]

%LSR thanks to John Mandereau for this snippet

\header {
  %% taken from
  tagline = \markup {
    \line {
      %% feel free to translate this line to your own language
      "This score has been wonderfully engraved thanks to the awesome LilyPond"
      #(ly:export (lilypond-version))
      \char ##x2014

\relative c' {
  c4 d e f
Blessing in+,
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