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Suppressing \pageBreak within score

From: Ralph Palmer
Subject: Suppressing \pageBreak within score
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 14:14:02 -0500

Greetings -

Wonderful job, all!

I'm running 2.14.2 under Linux/Ubuntu or 2.15.29 under Windows XP.

I'm transcribing / transposing a bunch of celtic / contra / dance tunes to play on the viola. Most of these are 16 or 20 bars long. I'm using the following structure :
\book {
  \score {}
  \score {}
  \score {}
% etc.

I would like to :
1) have LilyPond put as many complete scores as possible on each page;
2) have LilyPond *not* make a page break within a score, if possible; and
3) have LilyPond allow a page break within a score, if there's no way that score can fit on a single page.

I believe I have no scores that would run over one page if the score is the only one on the page, so the requirements could probably be limited to "as many scores as possible on each page, and no page breaking within a score". I've done this in the past with manual page breaks, but I'm up over 100 tunes, and it's tedious to redo all the \pageBreaks whenever I add a tune in the middle (alphabetical order and all).

Is this feasible?

I appreciate your time and attention,


Ralph Palmer
Brattleboro, VT

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