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Re: LSR updates: was: polychords: a working solution

From: Jean-Alexis Montignies
Subject: Re: LSR updates: was: polychords: a working solution
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 16:31:23 +0100

I first suggested to put the column code because I think it would be probably 
The polychord snippets would need a little more work, as I advance in the 
theory class, i'll know which cases are pertinent to add, but still it could be 
a good example.

I didn't realized there were two places you could find examples.
I noticed that there were duplicates in the LSR, and there may be snippets that 
still works but can now be done easier with new lillypond functionalities.

What about archiving somewhere the LSR for the old versions (could be without 
graphic) for people staying on older versions?
Or maybe we could keep examples that fail to upgrade and let users (like me) 
correct them when then fall upon them (to the risk that LSR could be populated 
with a growing pile of non working on last version snippets).
The LSR in my opinion is better alive than perfect :).

In the short term: what about updating the LSR directly to 2.16 which is to be 
released soon (well, you never know :) ) ?


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