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Re: time signature question

From: Kieren MacMillan
Subject: Re: time signature question
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 21:19:19 -0500

Hi James,

> Could we add it here?

All of my scores since 2003 have been happily Lily-pounded.  =)

Here are some recent highlights (compositions only, as the arrangements would 
be far too numerous). Feel free to put up there whatever you deem worthy. If 
you have questions or want more details about any specific items, just ask.

Live Performances:
        Go Thy Way — Salt Lake Choral Artists, Utah, 2012
        Just Out of Reach Suite — Chrysalis Duo, Huntington, 2012
        Twelfth Night — Classical Theatre Project, American Tour, 2012; CTP, 
Toronto, 2011; CTP, Toronto, 2010
        Round 7:30 — Musique 21, Lansing, 2011
        A Musical Called ‘Robin Hood’ — Shakespeare by the Sea, Halifax, 2011; 
Toronto Youth Theatre, Toronto, 2008; TYT, Toronto, 2007
        thrafsmata — Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, Pittsburgh, 2011
        Just Out of Reach (excerpts) — Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, 
Pittsburgh, 2011
        Metamorphosis from Just Out of Reach — The Phoenix Concerts, New York, 
        Tango from Drunken Moon — Symphonic Salon Series, Kansas City, 2011
        Fairy Tale Ending — NextStage Theatre Festival, Toronto, 2011; Best of 
the Fringe & Best of the Fringe Uptown, Toronto, 2010; Toronto Fringe Festival 
FringeKids!, Toronto, 2010
        Fantasy Variations on a Theme by Charpentier — ASU Faculty Chamber 
Music Series, Tempe, 2011; Rocky Mountain Summer Conservatory, Steamboat 
Springs, 2010; Le Domaine Forget International Festival, Saint-Irénée, 2009
        ToboR the RoboT — Toronto Youth Theatre, Toronto, 2009
        Just Out of Reach — Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, 2008
        When You Are Old and Grey — ACDA National Convention, Miami, 2007
        Drunken Moon — Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, Pittsburgh, 2006

Studio Recordings:
        Suite No. 1 for unaccompanied violin — Suite Inspiration (Soundset 
Recordings), 2012
        Fantasy Variations on a Theme by Charpentier — Groteske (Soundset 
Recordings), 2011
        Fairy Tale Ending — Fairy Tale Ending Cast Recording (Role Your Own 
Theatre), 2010
        Drunken Moon — 30th Anniversary Argosy Recording, (Lime Green 
Productions), 2007
        When You Are Old and Grey — 2007 ACDA National Convention (ACDA), 2007


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