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Re: Sibelius user looking for the easiest way to learn LilyPond

From: Vaughan McAlley
Subject: Re: Sibelius user looking for the easiest way to learn LilyPond
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 13:33:55 +1100

On 13 March 2012 11:44, James Harkins <address@hidden> wrote:
> At Mon, 12 Mar 2012 12:14:02 -0400,
> address@hidden wrote:
>> Impressive! Can you now create scores as quickly as you used to in
>> Finale?

I think I can now... I’ve been using Lilypond for about six months now
and like James I enjoy spending a lot less time tweaking, especially
page layout. Frescobaldi is great, even though I don’t use many of its

I have found that musicxml2ly requires too much tweaking to be worth
moving existing Finale projects over (yet???).

If you have a bit of a programming background you’ll appreciate being
able to manipulate a text file with regexes.

> 2) Are there any features in Finale (or Sibelius or any other scorewriter 
> with a GUI) that you wish you had in LilyPond?

Finale does automatic word extensions for lyrics. I also wrote myself
a kludgy program that emulated (and improved on) Finale’s Speedy Note
Entry. Finale’s MIDI playback is more immediate (and I can’t for the
life of me get PortMidi working on my Mac for Frescobaldi playback),
but I only use MIDI for error-checking at the end so it’s not a big
deal for me.


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