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Re: Setting the width of system-starter curly braces

From: Siska Ádám
Subject: Re: Setting the width of system-starter curly braces
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2012 01:38:41 +0100

Hi David,

On 2012.03.19., at 1:34, David Nalesnik wrote:

> Hi Ádám,
> this is quite weird. This code compiles fine. However, in my original score
>> it doesn't work. After some more experimenting, I figured out that the
>> problem is, that I have the \RemoveEmptyStaves in the \Staff context. After
>> removing that, it compiled just fine. Maybe it's some bug. Anyway, the
>> \RemoveEmptyStaves is not that important for this particular score, so I
>> disabled it.
> Could you try this with your original file?  (I can't think of an example
> with \RemoveEmptyStaves to check it with.)  The function ly:stencil-scale
> needs a stencil to work with (hence the error you were getting), and this
> variant checks to see if we have one before calling it.
> \override GrandStaff.SystemStartBrace #'stencil = #(lambda (grob)
>     (let ((brace (ly:system-start-delimiter::print grob)))
>       (if (ly:stencil? brace)
>           (ly:stencil-scale brace 0.75 1))))
> Hope this helps!
> -David

Thanks a lot!!! It works like a charm!


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