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Re: Help needed creating a Mac OS X installer for Frescobaldi

From: Siska Ádám
Subject: Re: Help needed creating a Mac OS X installer for Frescobaldi
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2012 14:47:12 +0200


On 2012.03.25., at 15:37, Rodolfo Zitellini wrote:

> Hi All,
> I did some quick and quite dirty esperimenting with cx_freeze, and I
> should have something more or less working which I'd like to test on
> other systems:
> this was compiled on macos 10.7.3 intel with qt 4.8 from macports. The
> archive should contain everything and on my machine works - more or
> less, there are many issues, but I can load a lilypond doc and
> navigate the pdf (with point and click too).
> If someone wants to download the archive and give a try, I will be
> grateful for every feedback (hoping it does not crash instantly on
> other machines!).
> The icon file is still missing (at least, it is there but on my
> machine it does not work, next thing to do :)
> For Wilbert:
> if this thing works for others too I have a couple of files to add
> (info.plist and qt.conf) and we should decide how to merge the mac
> part in :)
> Ciao!
> Rodolfo

A few comments (although I've never seen Frescobaldi before, so I'm not sure 
whether the problems come from the software itself or the port):
- The first letter of the executable is not capitalized (it says 'frescobaldi' 
instead of 'Frescobaldi'), which is not very common with Mac software (unless 
they start with 'i'). Not a bug, though.
- Hitting the 'Engrave' button I get the following in the log window:
         Starting lilypond  []...
        Could not start lilypond.
        Please check path and permissions.
- In Preferences/LilyPond Preferences one can't set the LilyPond include path, 
as the file open dialog won't let the user open the contents of the LilyPond 
application bundle and the input field can't be edited by typing into the list 
of LilyPond include paths.
- If one sets the appropriate path in the frescobaldi.plist file (for me, this 
would be /Applications/LilyPond/, after running frescobaldi, 
it would revert my modification to /Applications/LilyPond.
- The Preference File 'frescobaldi.plist' should be called 
'org.frescobaldi.plist' to meet Apple's naming conventions.

The weird thing is that the bin library of LilyPond is included in my user path 
(so I can run LilyPond in Terminal directly without needing to specify the 
folder where it is located), so I don't really understand why Frescobaldi 
wouldn't find the executables...

Hope this helps,

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