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Re: Too complicated and time consuming ...

From: joannesmith
Subject: Re: Too complicated and time consuming ...
Date: Thu, 10 May 2012 07:36:56 -0700 (PDT)

Thank you all for your private emails ... they have been a great
encouragement to me. I will probably end up sticking with Lilypond for all
the reasons you mentioned. It really does seem like the best option ... I
just need to hang in there long enough to get a good grip on it and be
patient with myself. 

A little more specifics. I first tried to use lilypond on my Linux/Ubuntu
system and could not figure it out 'to save my life.' I am still learning
Linux, but that's a whole other issue. I ended up loading lilypond on to my
Windows system and then, through some internet searching, got Frescobaldi
and it seems they work together. I'm ignorant as to why really but I do know
how to do html and it seems kind of like the same concept in a way? I have a
basic template that I am working off of and re-use it each time I start a
new one. If I have a hymn that seems like another one, I'll use that other
song as a template. Something I found that helps is if I keep notes of songs
that are a bit unique. And then if I run into a difficult song, I can look
at my notes and see if I've had that 'problem' before. Copying and pasting
is good.

Some have offered to help with questions, encouraged me to post questions
here, and also pointed me to a forum that is for lilypond users who use
shape notes. THANK YOU!!  These are all such excellent resources and I'm
sure if I just keep pressing on I'll get better and better.

Thank you again ... I'm so glad I posted this cry for help here!

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