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Re: Video recording of LilyPond talk at Chemnitz (was: Slides from LilyP

From: Jonas Olson
Subject: Re: Video recording of LilyPond talk at Chemnitz (was: Slides from LilyPond talk at Chemnitzer Linuxtage are up)
Date: Thu, 24 May 2012 12:51:16 +0200

tor 2012-05-24 klockan 11:28 +0200 skrev David Kastrup:
> I mention funding problems for my work at the end of the talk.  It turns
> out that this month has dropped so far in one-time monetary
> contributions compared to the rather slow uptake of regular
> contributions that the minimal amount for being able to afford housing,
> eating, and health insurance will likely be missed significantly.  So
> I'll have to pitch in again from my private savings, and they are not
> excessive.  If the situation does not rise to the level of at least bare
> life support soonish, I will not be able to afford working on LilyPond
> any more.  Read the gist of the story at
> <URL:>
> and successive LilyPond Report issues for my reports on the success of
> my request.

When donating, is there any mechanism in place by which funds will be
donated only if some target level is reached by all donations together?
I'm speculating people might be more comfortable when they know that
they will lose money if and only if it is precisely what makes the
difference between you working and not working on LilyPond full time.

As far as I can tell, such a mechanism isn't described in the payment
plans you suggest. The plans are clever in themselves, though. For easy
access, I quote the payment plan proposals:

        The idea is to contribute a fixed minimum, and if a specified
        target is not reached by all contributions, you contribute
        proportionally up to a cap. Of course, you are free to pick all
        three numbers yourself, but here are a few models:
            • [Regular] €25 per month fixed, no cap. This is the payment
        plan to pick once everything is sailing smoothly and you don’t
        want to contribute unduly much or think about it unduly much.
            • [Lifesaver] Minimum €0, cap €250 per month, monthly target
        €800. That means that if the target (which basically allows me
        to postpone my decision to work elsewhere) is reached with
        everybody’s minimum already, you are not billed. This is the
        option to pick if you don’t want to support a single person as
        much as keep the LilyPond project from losing me. You do what is
        necessary to avoid my leaving, but nothing else. Yes, it will be
        annoying if it turns out you have to pay the cap more than once,
        but it will also be annoying for me not even to afford survival
        in spite of highly qualified work.
            • [Torchbearer] Minimum €50, cap €150 per month, monthly
        target €1200. This is a model aimed at being reasonably
        comfortable for you as well as for me if everything works out.


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