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Re: ly2video - create videos from your LilyPond projects

From: FireTight
Subject: Re: ly2video - create videos from your LilyPond projects
Date: Fri, 25 May 2012 00:00:00 -0700 (PDT)

Urs Liska-4 wrote:
> This is great! 
> one question: How did you manage to create that endless, one-system
> layout? 
> Best 
> Urs

I'm using a very long paper size, something like "10 * width of video
resolution" (e.g. 10 * 1280, etc.)

Christopher R. Maden wrote:
> Looks great!  A few notes — almost all negative, so I should say that 
> aside from these, it seems a really excellent start. 
> 1) In the download, the Python script isn’t executable.  See if you 
> can make it so within the zip file. 
> [I have some package dependency issues, so the rest of this is based 
> on the videos.] 
> 2) Can you smooth out the speed transitions?  When the music isn’t 
> laid out in linear time — i.e., when it is laid out normally — the 
> scroll has to speed up and slow down.  Right now, it’s a little jerky 
> and honestly a little nauseating to me.  In physics terms, the third 
> derivative of position (the “jerk”, where first is velocity and second 
> is acceleration) seems to have some singularities, which is unnatural 
> and upsetting to naturally-evolved brains. 
> 3) Can you get rid of the page breaks?  This may be a ’pond 
> limitation, but an effectively infinitely wide page would be cool. 
> With that, I would turn off the title and other info that is centered 
> on the “page”; it seems silly to have that scroll by a minute into the 
> piece. 
> 4) Do articulate or similar tricks work?  IOW, can this handle 
> synthesizing separate \layout and \midi blocks into a single video? 
> ~Chris 
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> =wUjy

Thanks for the feedback!

1) The problem is, I'm a "Python rookie". I know this language for about
half-year, so right now I don't know how to do this.
2) What do you mean exactly? Because most of jerks in videos are created by
YouTube. I really don't know why, but when I watch these videos on my
computer, there are no problems. Maybe it needs higher frame rate, I will
check it out.
3) Yeah, I tried to work with only one long page, but LilyPond generated
that so long, it was unusable... :/ I guess the reasonable maximum of page
width is something between 4-5 meters. That "title issue" was only in alfa
4) Articulation unfortunately doesn't work right now, because I'm
synchronizing notes with MIDI events and I don't know how to separate that
"extra events" of one note. Separate \layout and \midi blocks don't work
too, but I guess I can fix that very easily.

Janek Warchoł-2 wrote:
> Hi Jiri,
> Cool! 
> Having visual playback like that is what my choir misses after we 
> switched to Lily from Finale. 
> I have one idea: instead of moving the score, move the line.  It will 
> be easier on eyes (especially in fast tempos), and i suppose that the 
> jerks will be less visible. 
> thanks! 
> Janek

You mean something like sequence of static images of music staff and just
switch between them, when the line reaches the end of one image? I guess I
can add this as an option and just let users to choose what they want to

Jiri Szabo
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