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Re: Put the rests in cross-staff between staves

From: Joshua Stutter
Subject: Re: Put the rests in cross-staff between staves
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2018 22:38:37 +0000
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Or indeed a dedicated stave for the rest if this is going to occur often.

   \score {
        \new Staff = "up" { c''4 \change Staff = "rest" r \change Staff
   = "up" c'' }
        \new Staff = "rest" \with { \omit Staff.StaffSymbol \omit Clef
   \omit TimeSignature \omit KeySignature  } { s4*3 }
        \new Staff = "down" { c''4 c'' c'' }
      \layout {
        \context {
          \override VerticalAxisGroup.default-staff-staff-spacing =
          #'((basic-distance . 2)
             (minimum-distance . 2)
             (padding . 2))


On 01/03/18 21:59, Mark Stephen Mrotek wrote:


Does the attached accomplish what you want?


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*Subject:* Put the rests in cross-staff between staves


in a cross-staff bar, is there a simple way to put the rests in the middle between the two staves?

Currently, I use that:

\override Rest #'staff-position = #-12

...but I wonder if is there a better way to obtain the same result


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