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Re: Table of Contents

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: Table of Contents
Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2018 16:09:47 +0100
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Am 3. März 2018 14:45:51 MEZ schrieb Noeck <address@hidden>:
>I am trying to use a LilyPond table of contents for the first time and
>can't figure out some things:
>- How can I make it narrower? Or set left and right paper margins
>specifically for that page? The 5 cm in the example are fine but the
>next pages need smaller margins.
>- How to put some space between the number and the composer and between
>the title and the dots? At the place where i put this ugly amount of
>space characters in the example below. Should I use \hspace?
>- Is anyone using this way to create tocs for serious projects or do
>prefer LaTeX? 


Is it possible to link to the scores, then? I know
>includepdf but how does it work with pagenumbering and cross references
>inside the pdf?

Two steps for the numbering:
1) don't print page numbers in LilyPond.
if you have two page layout you can set the first page number to 1 or 2, if you 
know where the score will start.
2) use the page command option of included to set that Pagestyle to plain (or 
whatever page style you have for the document.

Regarding toc entries: you can use \addcontentsline, or IIRC included itself 
has an option.


>Thanks for any help.
>Minimal example:
>\version "2.19.65"
>\markuplist \table-of-contents
>\paper {
>  tocTitleMarkup = \markup \huge \column {
>    \fill-line { \null "Inhalt" \null }
>    \hspace #1
>  }
>  tocItemMarkup = \markup \fill-with-pattern #1 #RIGHT .
>    \fromproperty #'toc:text \fromproperty #'toc:page
>  left-margin = 5\cm
>  right-margin = 5\cm
>  top-margin = 5\cm
>\tocItem \markup "1.    J.S. Bach, »First score«    "
>\score { { c'4 } }
>\tocItem \markup "2.    J.S. Bach, »Second score«     "
>\score { { c'4 } }
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