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old examples

From: Vincent Douce Mathoscope
Subject: old examples
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2018 15:42:14 +0100

i come back to lilypond that i used sometimes in the past
i am under mac os 10.10.5
the example file given at the installation works fine
but this old file does not work : lilypond seems to try and i have to interrupt it without any result
if you have any idea...

\header {
  title = "Boboss"
  composer = "Vinz"
instrument = "Ligne de basse"

\markup "couplet"
\relative c' {\key f \major 
bes2. \mark"Sib 9∆" f'8 e
c2 \mark"fa ∆" f4 g8 f
e8 d \mark"mi m7b5" cis bes a4 \mark"la 7" cis
d2 \mark "ré m7" c}

\markup "refrain"
\relative c' {\key f \major \time 2/4 
d8. \mark"ré m7" a' d,8
cis8. \mark"mi°" bes' a8
d,8.^"ré m7" a d8
f^"la m7b5" dis c dis
d8^"mi m7b5" g bes d,
cis^"do 9b" e bes' e,
f8^"fa∆" a f4
d4^"fa6" c

                  Vincent Douce
               :=: Mathoscope :=:
          Bagnères de Bigorre 65200

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