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Re: SustainPedal on shifted notes (possible bug?)

From: paolo prete
Subject: Re: SustainPedal on shifted notes (possible bug?)
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2018 22:02:02 +0100

Hello Kieren,

sorry to insist again but IMHO this is a bug. Look at the snippet below:
all the objects are aligned to the shifted NoteColumn. Only the pedal is not aligned.
There's no reason for which it has not to be aligned, and this forces to apply work-arounds in order to put the end of the bracket below the  wanted note.


\score {

  \tuplet 3/2
  { c'\sustainOn\<\startTextSpan  
    \once \override Score.NoteColumn #'X-offset = 15

  \layout { 
    \context { 
      pedalSustainStyle = #'mixed       



A possible better work-around  could be overriding the TextSpanner properties so that it draws a pedal, like the snippet below, but I can't find a good way to emulate the \sustainOn\sustainOff sequence which draws " /\  " for the sustan pedal...
In addition, I have to override the TextSpanner properties BEFORE it is attached to a note, and not "on the fly"...
Any help is greatly appreciated.


pedOn = \startTextSpan
pedOff = \stopTextSpan


  \override = #'line
  \override TextSpanner.bound-details.left.text = \markup { "ped." }
  \override = #'line
  \override TextSpanner.bound-details.right.text = \markup { \path  #0 #'( (lineto 0 2) ) }
  b'4 c''
  \once \override Score.NoteColumn #'X-offset = 10 
  a'4 \pedOff



I would say it’s expected behaviour, since that’s the way that pedals are traditionally marked.

That being said, it would be nice to have an easier way to pin the end to the note — analogous to the property — since the method I show (above) is trial-and-error. Maybe you should submit a feature request?

Hope this helps!

Kieren MacMillan, composer
‣ website:
‣ email: address@hidden

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